The Organ

The Organ

The Organ


Marking 20th Anniversary with


Limited Edition Vinyl of

Grab That Gun album

& Thieves EP

Out June 28th 


May 24, 2024Toronto - The Organ, an all-female five-piece band formed in Vancouver, is celebrating a significant milestone as May 25th marks the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Grab That Gun. To commemorate the anniversary, 604 Records will release both The Organ’s Grab That Gun and Thieves records on a limited-edition vinyl format for the very first time on June 28th.  Pre-order your copy HERE.


Having disbanded in 2006, The Organ were defiantly queer and achingly melancholic, and comparisons to downbeat darlings The Smiths and Joy Division were rife. But The Organ were entirely singular; the five-piece disrupted the homogenous cis-male indie rock scene of the early 2000s and earned the respect of their contemporaries with their crisp yet shaggy minor-key riffs, the foreboding rigidity of the Hammond organ, and the sparse, existential lyrics of Katie Sketch. They sounded at once eerily familiar and future perfect.


“From time to time I come across appreciative comments online from fans sharing kind words and appreciation for Grab That Gun. I am deeply moved that people continue to connect with the album. I have also read and shared in feelings of dismay that The Organ’s vinyl album has been difficult to find and prohibitively expensive. It is my hope that this re-release will make our record more accessible to those who want a physical copy. Thank you for buying our art and for listening to our music,” said Jenny Smyth from The Organ.


The 20th Anniversary Vinyl will include a gatefold jacket, two coloured vinyl discs, remastered tracks and a product sticker, and feature the band’s hit singles Memorize the CityLet The Bells Ring, and Brother. It is available for pre order starting today (May 24th) here.


Originally released in 2004, Grab That Gun sounds as fresh, gratifying and provocative as ever. It was queer-coded at a time when nothing else was, providing the representation needed to seed hundreds of queer artists to follow, and the last two decades have only enhanced the impact of the album.


Based around the warm and melancholic tones of a Hammond organ, the band burst onto the international indie music scene with their 2002 independent EP, Sinking Hearts. After signing with 604 Records and Mint Records, they released their only full-length album, Grab That Gun (2004), followed by the Thieves EP in 2008.


The Organ became well-known for the somber intensity of their live performances, touring both domestically and abroad around Canada, the US and Europe. They went on to open for Interpol, Arcade Fire and The Cure and built an impressive fanbase, being widely regarded as Canada’s “next big thing”. During their brief time as a touring band, The Organ visited the UK to open for the Wedding Present, The Kaiser Chiefs, and played with the Queens of Noize (who also released an Organ 7” on their Noize Records), plus a series of Club NME gigs as well as a headline show at London’s legendary ‘Club Mother Fucker’ at the Garage. The group disbanded in 2006 after the endless touring took a toll on them.


Since then, indie rock obsessives and a whole new generation of fans have discovered the band, begging them to reunite. But for now, The Organ remains stubbornly smashed in the shadows, letting their legacy speak for itself.


Jonathan Simkin of 604 Records remarked, “A local producer was the first person to mention The Organ to me. He said that he had heard a band that sounded like an all-female version of The Smiths. That sounded too good to be true, but the allure of that concept was too strong to resist. So I went and saw them play in a dark, grungy bar on Pender Street in Vancouver. I can’t even remember the name of the club, but I’ll never forget walking in. They were in the middle of a song. The stage was lit so that the band was basically a silhouette. And they were perfect. The songs were perfect. The instrumentation was perfect. And when Katie opened her mouth to sing I was smitten. We ended up putting the record out as a joint venture with our friends at Mint Records. I can honestly say that Grab That Gun, and Thieves, are two of the best records we’ve ever been involved with. And when you listen today, the records are as vibrant and impactful as when I heard them for the first time 20 years ago. We could not be more proud to put out this re-release.”


20th Anniversary Vinyl Track Listing:


Side A


Steven Smith

Love, Love, Love

Basement Band Song

Sinking Hearts


Side B

A Sudden Death

There is Nothing I Can Do

I Am Not Surprised

No One Has Ever Looked So Dead

Memorize the City



Side C

Even in the Night

Oh What a Feeling

Let the Bells Ring


Side D

Fire in the Ocean

Can You Tell Me One Thing

Don’t Be Angry