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'A 19th century approach to piano-driven music paired with a damned-if-you-don’t cacophony of words’  -


Iconic punk cabaret duo TheDresden Dollshave today announced two UK shows, set to take place at London’s Troxyon October 30thand 31st.


It will be almost twelve years to the day since The Dresden Dollsplayed their last London gigs: two sold out historic filmed-for DVD shows at The Roundhouse in Camden accompanied by Master of Ceremonies Margaret Cho with special guests Baby Dee, Jason Webley, Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots) and iconic new wave icon Lene Lovich.


All Hallows Eve this year marks the band’s 18thanniversary, as Brian (Viglione, percussion) and Amanda (Palmer, vocals/piano) met on October 31stof 2000 at Amanda’s house in Boston at a Halloween party where Brian was dressed as a severed head and Amanda was dressed as a temp(orary office worker).


Palmer says:“The Dresden Dollshaven’t played Europe or the UK in twelve years and it’s high time. We’ve always had an extra-special relationship with our freak-family in London, who were early punk-cabaret embracers from our very first show at Madame Jojo’s in Soho (RIP). Our last shows at the Roundhouse will be hard to top but we expect that our Londoners will emerge in full finery, ready to dance, cry, mosh, and otherwise let go of every human inhibition as we destroy our instruments and selves on stage for your pleasure. We’re going to play our favorite material and try out some experimental things. It’s The Dresden Dolls, just come prepared to be overwhelmed and delighted.”


On the topic of the Dolls’first UK performances since 2006, Viglione has this to say: “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”.


The two shows are set to take place at London’s Troxyon October 30thand 31st and will see the band perform two Halloween spectaculars, with tickets on pre-salefrom 1pm GMT on Thursday May 17, and on general salefrom 10am GMT on Monday May 21. For complete details, to register for the pre-sale, or further ticket information, please visit


Date                  City                   Venue                Ticket Price/Website link

TUE 30              London              Troxy                £35 /

WED 31            London             Troxy                £35 /


Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione first united as The Dresden Dollsin 2000 and immediately made an impact with their ingenious punk cabaret and darkly original song craft and visceral no-holds-barred live shows. Blending performance art with an array of sonic and lyrical influences, the duo reaped global attention for creating a uniquely cathartic, often confrontational sound and vision all their own. 


Two acclaimed studio albums – 2003’s self-titled debut and 2006’s YES, VIRGINIA… – earned critical praise, hailing The Dresden Dolls’distinctive work as both deeply unsettling yet remarkably accessible. The duo went on an indefinite creative hiatus in 2008 but reconvened two years later for a series of tours spanning North America, Oceania, and Mexico; Palmer and Viglione reconvened once again in 2016 for the biggest live shows of their influential career, culminating with The Dresden Dolls Live At Coney Island, a spectacular six-camera webcast livestreamed around the world from the new Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk.