Penelope Scott

Penelope Scott

“Penelope Scott’s songs capture the shitstorm of internet culture” – Billboard


 “(Penelope’s songs) immediately grab your attention and don’t let go” - Brooklyn Vegan


4* “Penelope sounds like herself and literally nothing else around right now, and that’s a glorious thing” - DIY


“..unique, arresting and very clever.” The Line Of Best Fit


November 17, 2023 - Today, classically trained multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Penelope Scott shares Mysteries For Rats, the hyperpop-filled latter half of her experimental double EP release, preceded by the starkly contrasted acoustic-folk EP Girl’s Night earlier this month. 


Mysteries For Rats is made up of fast paced, glitchy chiptune and hyperpop tracks that touch on the apathy and rage that comes with young relationships, love for her friends that borders on Evangelical and life on the road.  The Girl’s Night EP takes on a new acoustic-folk approach, exploring themes from COVID relationships to the “fantastic horror of having a mind”.  It includes recently released single Time Of My Life, a saccharine singalong with whacky piano chords that sound like they could come straight out of a silent comedy film.


The folk-glitch EP hybrid highlights Penelope’s instrumental prowess which creates a glowing, genre-bending soundscape that brings the world she’s built within her razor sharp lyrics to life.  


Composed together during the same timespan, the two EP’s in essence address the same ideas from different perspectives.   And Scott absorbs the mania and magnificence of Gen Z life in her expansive, entrancing, and extreme musical vision.   Scott explains: “When I was making the project, I realized there was a split down the middle”, she reveals. “Half of the songs are in the more acoustic folky style, and the other half are computerized synth sounds. So, I decided to do multiple EPs. It gives people different options and flavors already sorted out for them.”  


I think a lot about what I’m saying with the instrument choices”, she goes on. “They’re important elements of the message in modern music. For me, organs symbolize religion, belief, and death. Strings tend to be cinematic and romantic. Horns are good, but you have to be careful. Also, I won’t put piano in unless I’m trying to evoke either a singer-songwriter or saloon vibe.”




During 2020, Penelope’s single Born2Run gained traction and set the stage for the popular Public Void EP after she had already overtaken TikTok.  Among many highlights, Rät exploded to the tune of 216 million Spotify streams followed by Lotta True Crime at 80.7 million Spotify streams and Feel Better at 72.2 million Spotify streams.


Following the Hazards EP [2021], she carefully created and curated the double-EP. Working like a mad scientist, she matched tones to moods.


She completed a headline European tour in September 2023, which included an appearance at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn festival, and a sold out show at London’s Garage.


Mysteries For Rats tracklisting:

1. Gross / 2. Mexico / 3. Sin Eater / 4. Shuffle / 5. Cemetery Pigeons


Girl’s Night tracklisting:

1. Pseudophed / 2. Over the Moon / 3. Cabaret / 4. Cabaret 2 / 5. Runaway / 6. Time of My Life