Framing Hanley

Framing Hanley

Nashville, TN based four piece Framing Hanley are set to release their brand new album The Sum Of Who We Are in the UK on May 12th.  The album will be preceded by the single Criminal  May 5th.


A collection of modern alternative rock infused with undeniable pop hooks, heartfelt lyrics and huge choruses, The Sum Of Who We Are is the band’s third album, and their boldest artistic statement to date.


‘Every band says they feel like they’re getting better with age’ states frontman Nixon. ‘So while I feel that is a trite statement, I can’t deny it. We’ve never written as much material for an album as we did for this one.  We had to cut so many songs we felt were strong.  We also recorded songs for the album we felt weren’t quite there yet, only to go back to the drawing board and get it right’.


First single Criminal is a full on anthem, cleverly illustrating the trappings of circumstance in an exhausted relationship. Other songs like Twisted Halos, Crooked Smiles, Rollercoaster, and Crash & Burn have an honesty and underlying theme of finding beauty in the tragedy of loss, finding light in the total darkness and finding hope when there is nothing left.


‘There was definitely a dark period during the 2 years we spent recording this’ states Nixon. ‘That’s not to say this album is some dark brooding album. There are some lighthearted tunes on there as well; some that are fun. This album is the past 2 years of our lives and is every part of our beings.. that’s what the title means. This album really is the sum of who we are.’


Track listing:

1. Criminal / 2. Twisted Halos / 3. Collide / 4. Crooked Smiles / 5. Simple Life / 6. Rollercoaster / 7. No Saving Me / 8. Unbreakable / 9. Science / 10. Streetlights & Silhouettes / 11. Crash & Burn / 12. Forever Till The End / 13. Castaway



Following the release of their first two albums The Moment (2007) and A Promise To Burn (2010), The recording of The Sum Of Who We Are was funded entirely by the band’s fanbase via kickstarter.