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Out November 17th

UNION CHAPEL November 16, 2017


Amanda Palmer is pleased to announce the release of her forthcoming single, In Harm’s Way.  The 7” vinyl single will be released exclusively on 8ft. records through on November 17, and will be available to preorder from October 30 for those who have signed up to Amanda’s Patreon.


Ten percent of the profits of the single will go to the charity Because We Carry, a charity close to Amanda’s heart after spending time on Lesvos in 2016, where she witnessed the impact their work had on refugees arriving on the island daily.


Amanda explains: “The harrowing image of little Aylan Kurdi lying lifeless on the beach in Turkey was enough to thrust a song into me, but the real fuel was the video footage of his father, wailing in pain as the news media filmed on. My heart breaks for what we, as a human race, seem to not be able to do for each other lately.”


She continues: “While the media can’t help but train its lenses on Trump and Weinstein looming large and villainous in the foreground while we all try to find sanity and equality in this massively complicated political landscape, the looming shadow of the refugee crisis and climate change are threatening to devour the entire picture.“


Please watch the video for In Harm's Way here


About the video for In Harm’s Way: “I met Abel Azcona - and his incredibly brave performance art work - through mutual friends on twitter; and our entire collaboration, including arranging dozens of volunteers for the video who traveled from all across Europe, took place because my fans have given me a pile of capital to work with by subscribing to my Patreon. The fact that I have a stable Patreon of $40k-per-project means I can make work at exactly the pace I want to, pair up with risky collaborators, and make far more uncertain and venturesome choices than I could when I was working with a label, where all the artistic choices needed to be conservative and predictable. Nowadays I can meet a wild-eyed Spanish artist on twitter, send him a DM, and a few months later cut him a check - using my fans’ money - to pay for a film crew and a boat rental for a video that doesn’t even have a script. It’s a miracle of art-making for me and I’m just getting started with these sorts of projects.”


In 2015, Palmer joined forces with to further develop her revolutionary model of fan support and artistic community, and where 11,000+ people help support Palmer’s seemingly infinite creative output. The growing list of “Patreon Things” - Amanda releases an average of one a month - now includes songs, original films, performance projects, such albums as her collaboration with her father, and more recently with Edward Ka-Spel, as well as this single.


“The additional beauty of the Patreon is that, since I’m making a steady and predictable wage (every artists dream), I can also give back to the community and earmark money from most of my projects for charity, so it feels like the work isn’t just emotionally “political”, it’s actual action. We are going to take a chunk of the proceeds from this video and single and pay them forward to a refugee organization that I worked with in Lesvos, Greece, called Because We Carry. I can’t tell you how profoundly liberating it feels to make art like this, and to be able to work and respond so directly. It feels like a small but significant revolution in terms of the way artists can engage with the massive storm facing us right now.”


Amanda is performing a one-off show at London’s Union Chapel on November 16 with special guest Jherek Bischoff.  Tickets are sold out, but the show will be webcast live online from There will be a limited amount of copies of the 7” single for sale at this show.

To donate or for more information on Because We Carry please visit:



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Amanda Palmer is a singer, songwriter, playwright, pianist, filmmaker, and blogger who simultaneously embraces and explodes traditional frameworks of music, theatre, and art. She first came to prominence as one half of the Boston-based punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls, earning global applause for their wide-ranging theatricality and inventive songcraft. Her solo career has proven equally brave and boundless, including such groundbreaking works as the fan-funded THEATRE IS EVIL, which made a top 10 debut on the SoundScan/Billboard 200 upon its 2012 release and remains the top-funded music project on Kickstarter. In 2013 she presented “The Art of Asking” at the annual TED conference, which has since been viewed over 10 million times worldwide. The following year saw Palmer expand her philosophy into the New York Times best seller, The Art of Asking: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Let People Help.

In Harm's Way

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