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album 12 NOTES out now

Confirms One-Off London Show For July 14th

MAY 10, 2024, LOS ANGELES – Multi-platinum singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin has released his highly anticipated third studio album “12 Notes” today. The pop-infused album has been released via Elektra Entertainment. Listen to the full album HERE.

Says Alec, “I poured a lot into this album. Last year was a whirlwind with so many changes looming, ones  I wasn't quite ready to tackle. But now, looking back, it's done. It's funny because I still feel a bit lost  about it all. I don't compartmentalize my life into distinct phases, so finishing an album feels oddly final.  I'm not even sure if it's any good, at least by commercial standards. I wrote it as I lived through it, like a  diary of experiences. The album's called 12 Notes, and it's essentially a collection of twelve snapshots  from my life over the past year, with a couple of older songs thrown in at fans' requests.” 

Benjamin also recently announced his 2024 “12 Notes” US tour kicking off in September 2024, where he  will headline in 31-cities across North America. Upcoming tour dates and tickets can be found HERE.

Alec is also confirmed to support K-POP group Stray Kids in Hyde Park on July 14th   

The album track list includes “Ways To Go” featuring Khalid as the featured song - as well as the hits “Pick Me”,  “Sacrifice Tomorrow”, “I Sent My Therapist to Therapy”, “King Size Bed”, “By Now”, “12 Notes”, “In a  Little”, “Different Kind of Beautiful”, “The Arsonist”, “Lead Me to Water”, and “Love The Ones Who  Leave”.  

Since starting his musical career in 2018 promoting his music in parking lots of concert venues, Benjamin  has consistently stood out as a one to watch emerging artist. Fans and critics have continued to be  drawn his exceptional narration, robust and relatable storytelling, and pop-dance rhythm. With the  release of his sophomore album (Un)Commentary in 2022 Benjamin took to the road to connect with  fans captivating audiences across the United States, Asia, Australia, and Europe as well as a debut  performance at Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival. Alec’s impressive CV includes 9B+ global  streams, 12.5M+ social media followers across his platforms, and 1.6B+ YouTube views on his channel.  An illustration of the connection Alec has forged with audiences worldwide. 


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