Oxide & Neutrino

Oxide & Neutrino


Oxide and Neutrino are a DJ and MC duo from London comprising of Alex Rivers and Mark Osei-tutu. Having gained widespread recognition and seemingly instantaneous success with their number one single “Bound 4 Da Reload” in the summer of 2000, the pair continued to feature prominently in the charts over the next couple of years, releasing a number of top 10 singles from their two albums ‘Execute’ and ‘2 Steps Ahead’ on Eastwest records. 


Starting at the age of 16 on a pirate radio station called Supreme FM, Oxide and Neutrino joined So Solid Crew and began to hone their skills, quickly forming Delight FM. After two years of hype on the underground scene and selling more than 20,000 white labels, they finally signed to Eastwest in early 2000. Their first single Bound For Da Reload was famously known for sampling the theme song to the BBC’s hospital drama series ‘Casualty’ and went straight to number 1. Continued chart success followed, but things started to get problematic when some of the members of So Solid Crew crashed the headlines with stories of gun crime and violence at gigs, making it increasingly difficult for the boys to get booked for live performances.


By the end of 2003, the relationship with Eastwest had come to an end, and unable to shake promoters’ misconceptions, the boys weren’t able to perform live anywhere.  Unfazed and having wisely invested in their own studio, they continued to produce tracks. Until fate dealt them another bad card..   Their (un-insured) studio burnt down and with it, most of the tracks that they had been working on. Frustrated but resolute, they pieced together what remained from the fire (a handful of the tracks on the new album were among those salvaged from the blaze) and finally, at the beginning of 2005, they signed a new deal with Sanctuary records.


At the time, Sanctuary was in the process of expanding its traditionally rock roster into other genres and the label were excited to have Oxide & Neutrino at the forefront of this new initiative. Unfortunately, they fell foul of a newly appointed director of Sanctuary Urban and the spending spree upon which he embarked in the US.   This resulted in the entire Urban department being bankrupted, and the boys once again found themselves without a label deal.



They’ve been busy working on new material with So Solid Crew, and Oxide has been producing for artists including King L, G Wizz, Greek hiphop group Tang Ram, Mike and the Mechanics’ Mike Rutherford, and on music for the Bafta award winning series ‘School of Hard Knocks’. The duo have recently appeared on mixtapes such as ‘Cuts and Bruizes’; ‘Sign 2 the Block’ and ‘Fully Equipt’.

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