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Omega Sapien, frontman of the alternative K-pop group Balming Tiger  released his single Serenade for Mrs. Jeon on September 8th.  The track is taken from his solo album Garlic, which enjoyed a September 22nd release.


Listen to the EP on Spotify 


This release is Omega Sapien’s first solo effort since his POP THE TAG track in June 2019.  The most recent Balming Tiger track featuring Omega Sapien is this year’s Kolo Kolo


With the forthcoming album Garlic being “a self portrait, capturing myself from the past to the present”, throughout this first three-minute song Omega Sapien sings openly about his past days as a maladjusted youth.  Produced by Bumjin, the track creates a hollow atmosphere in which Omega Sapien can bring out his unadorned story. The cover artwork “which portrays the ego of Omega Sapien”, is provided by the famous Japanese cartoonist Shintaro Kago.


The music video for Serenade for Mrs Jeon was produced by fellow Balming Tiger team member Jan’ Qui. 


Omega Sapien has played an active role in featuring on tracks by various artists, playing the same role as garlic seasoning in Korean food.  After Balming Tiger’s planned European tour and global festivals were cancelled due to COVID-19, he performed online via global channels and media such as SXSW and Noisey.


As the world wises up to South Korea’s staggering cultural output, take note of Balming Tiger, weirdo trailblazers of Seoul’s thriving rap scene. A group of multimedia misfits, Balming Tiger blend together the bliss of the best K-Pop with the realities of living in Seoul’s 5G world: think Girl’s Generation meets Brockhampton; Keith Ape meets Abra.


The collective takes their name from the famous Asian tiger balm ointment, and members include artists Omega Sapien, sogumm, wnjn, and Mudd the student, producers San Yawn and Unsinkable, DJ Abyss, film-maker Jan'qui, and editor Henson.

Watch Serenade for Mrs. Jeon here