Leesuho (of Balming Tiger) 

Single Out Now

“Lights (Feat. Kim Hanjoo)”


Leesuho, who recently announced his addition to the alternative K-pop group Balming Tiger, has released Lights (Feat. Kim Hanjoo) from his forthcoming studio album Monika, which is due out in October.

Lights depicts the feeling of light being created in the human abyss and spreading throughout the body, throwing hints at the colours of the upcoming full-length album.

Leesuho is an electronic music and hip-hop producer, and with this single he is adding to his wide spectrum of creative activities. Made in collaboration with Silica Gel vocalist Kim Hanjoo (who won the “Rookie of the Year” category at the Korean Music Awards 2017), the Balming Tiger member has returned with Lights, which he says to sonically focus on "emotional harmony”.

The video for Lights is produced by Okdalto, and doubles the dreamy atmosphere of the music with a beautiful and bizarre visual. Leesuho and Okdalto created the Lights music video, a strange mixture of faces and flowers, by using an artificial neural network based on a deep learning model.

Watch the video HERE

With the joining of music producer and video director Leesuho, Balming Tiger has further reinforced their solid lineup of musicians and creators, including Omega Sapien, sogumm, Mud the Student, wnjn, Unsinkable, and Jan’ Qui.