Balming Tiger

Balming Tiger

HYPEBEAST Genre-defying South Korean collective Balming Tiger is continuing to sculpt out its tantalizing sound, sharpening their experimental blade with a brand new cut and video titled “Kolo Kolo.”


ARENA - Their identity is a mixture of cultures and lives experienced in various cities, and it will be a good weapon on any stage in the world.


HIPHOPLE -Unsinkable's playful sound, Omega Sapien’s gorgeous rap and Wnjn’s deep, warm tone all combined in one seem to have created a bizarre picture.


GQ - Balming Tiger gives each other new inspiration, as people with different ideas and tastes have met.


DIY - Balming Tiger are a multi-national hip-hop collective crafting undisputed fucking bangers



As the world wises up to South Korea’s staggering cultural output, get acquainted with Balming Tiger, weirdo trailblazers of Seoul’s thriving rap scene. A group of multimedia misfits, Balming Tiger blend together the bliss of the best K-Pop with the realities of living in Seoul’s 5G world: think Girl’s Generation meets Brockhampton; Keith Ape meets Abra.


A self-proclaimed ‘Multi-national Alternative K-pop band’ with the aim to create a global impact, the group contains not just artists, but producers, editors, and film-makers, who all band together to make Balming Tiger's unique world. 


The collective takes their name from the famous Asian tiger balm ointment, and members include artists Omega Sapien, sogumm, wnjn, and Mudd the student, producers San Yawn and Unsinkable, DJ Abyss, film-maker Jan'qui, and editor Henson.


From their first mixtape Balming Tiger vol.1 : 虎媄304, to most recent release Balming Tiger - Kolo Kolo (feat. Omega Sapien, wnjn & produced by Unsinkable), Balming Tiger chooses to approach music from a versatile standpoint rather than in one recurring genre, taking advantage of the opportunities brought by using the internet as a platform for music distribution.


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Watch the video for Kolo Kolo (feat. Omega Sapien, wnjn) Produced by Unsinkable


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